With the increased using of BIM and intelligent communication technology tools based on different ICT regulations depending of country, there have in Denmark over the last couple of years grown a lager understanding of ICT agreement and how to communicate with the BIM model in the center. At all-time the different participants of the building industry have had to communicate both to design and build a building, the present moment is no more different from that, besides of the tools we use. With that in mind, this report will illuminate the above described focusing on the interfaces in a design process in the interaction between builder, architect and engineer.

The purpose of the report is to show how the BIM interfaces can be controlled, first what to be aware of in the ICT agreement as an architectural studio or engineering consulting and how to control the interfaces in the ICT agreement, second how to control these interfaces from your ICT agreement both in your BIM model and outside it with the use of clash detection.

In order to be able to illuminate the BIM interfaces in a realistic light the report will be based on knowledge and experience of 6 persons from the Danish building industry, from builder consulting to entrepreneur. Further the report will discuss some of the challenges in relationship to the topic, so later it would be possible to optimize and get an insight in the further handling of the BIM interfaces.

The report can overall conclude that it’s useful to use double modelling and Copy/Montoring in the right contexts. Further it’s possible to use model delivery specifications and through the use of this gain more value into the project, to get more clear allocation of responsible and properties. At last the report can conclude first that the Danish basis of agreements needs an update, second that the outside of the model tools like model delivery specifications needs to handle 2D project documentation as well as information delivery’s and responsible, third that the building industry have to get more insight in each other’s needs perhaps based on other collaboration or contract forms.


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